Here you will find useful options to transport your electric scooter or take with you things you need when you are not at home.


Have you ever needed to carry your electric scooter in a bag or carry it comfortably? Here are the options:

- Bag to take your vehicle with you on a train trip or be able to introduce your vehicle to public buildings where it is not allowed.

- Bag to be able to carry with you the charger of your electric scooter or other useful elements that you need that day while you are away from home.

- Transport tape that you could hook to the skate to be able to carry it as a briefcase or backpack.

- Install a flexible zae on the scooter to hold it like a bag.

- You might also need specific bags for modified electric scooters with suspensions that are too long.


Find the ideal carrying bag for your electric scooter or bag to carry things with you.

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