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High quality accessories for Xiaomi M365, 1S, Pro2, M365 PRO and Ninebot Max G30

High quality accessories for Xiaomi M365, 1S, Pro2, M365 PRO and Ninebot Max G30


  • Adapters

    Here you will find all kinds of adapters that will help you adjust, mold or implement improvements to your electric scooter.

    What could you implement with these adapters?

    - Change to a new brake system.

    - Complements to install other security improvements such as those related to the folding system.

    - Adapters and accessories to modify the original installation of the tire or motor ... and even add two motors.

    - Increase the security of the original facility.

    - Install a custom handlebar or increase the height of the handlebar.

    - Modify our electric scooter from a folding system to a fixed system.

    Adapt different products and improvements to your electric scooter with the following adapters.

  • Bags

    Here you will find useful options to transport your electric scooter or take with you things you need when you are not at home.


    Have you ever needed to carry your electric scooter in a bag or carry it comfortably? Here are the options:

    - Bag to take your vehicle with you on a train trip or be able to introduce your vehicle to public buildings where it is not allowed.

    - Bag to be able to carry with you the charger of your electric scooter or other useful elements that you need that day while you are away from home.

    - Transport tape that you could hook to the skate to be able to carry it as a briefcase or backpack.

    - Install a flexible zae on the scooter to hold it like a bag.

    - You might also need specific bags for modified electric scooters with suspensions that are too long.


    Find the ideal carrying bag for your electric scooter or bag to carry things with you.

  • Fairing

    Here you will find the plastic parts or accessories that complement your electric scooter: fenders, embellishments, covers, accessories, guides, closing hoops, ... Etc.


    Our electric scooter is a very practical and durable vehicle, designed to circulate in any terrain. The electric scooter is made to hold anything, but, certainly... there are several complementary elements that are made of plastic and can be broken or lost.


    Find the complementary parts of your electric scooter.

  • Decoration and...

    If you are looking to customize your electric scooter with the look you are looking for, in this section you will find various extras that will give your electric scooter a unique style.

    Decoration and extras for your electric scooter.

    Customize your skate to your liking with the decorative extras that we have for you.

  • Impermeability

    If you are looking for gaskets, accessories and extras that help increase the waterproofing of your electric scooter, you will find it here. Guarantee that no water enters your electric scooter by maintaining the original installation or adding the extras that you consider appropriate.

    Maintenance and waterproofing for your electric scooter.

    Accessories, extras and gaskets to ensure the waterproofing of your electric scooter.

  • Lights

    If you need position markers, front light, rear light, turn signals, LED strips for the chassis of your electric scooter or any accessory related to lighting to see and be seen you will find it in this section.

    Lights to see and be seen in your vehicle while driving.

    Safety is very important when riding your electric scooter ... We believe that having good lighting is essential for your safety.

  • Handlebar

    The handlebar of our electric scooter is one of the most customizable and customized areas due to the amount of extras and improvements that you can add.

    If you are looking for accessories, extras, parts and improvements for the handlebar of your electric scooter, this is the right place: bells, mobile supports, mirrors, extra lights, grips, extended handlebars, support to install a custom handlebar, brake levers, extension handlebar, throttle trigger, etc.

  • To update

    In this section you will find the kits and improvements to update the braking system, damping, handlebar, motor, etc. of your electric scooter.

  • Safety

    In this section you will find the security elements that guarantee your physical integrity, elements that ensure that you are seen by other vehicles, improvements to avoid unexpected breakage of scooter components or locks so that your vehicle is not stolen.

  • Nuts and bolts

    Here you will find all the screws and nuts of the scooter. Accessories and tools related to the screws of your electric scooter.

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