The handlebar of our electric scooter is one of the most customizable and customized areas due to the amount of extras and improvements that you can add.

If you are looking for accessories, extras, parts and improvements for the handlebar of your electric scooter, this is the right place: bells, mobile supports, mirrors, extra lights, grips, extended handlebars, support to install a custom handlebar, brake levers, extension handlebar, throttle trigger, etc.

Find accessories, extras, parts and improvements for your handlebar.


  • Bells

    The bell or chime for the electric scooter helps you tell others where you are going to go while you are riding. It also helps to ask them to get off the road or modify their trajectory a little to avoid an accident. In this section you will find electric bells and manual chimes.

    Electric and manual bells for your electric scooter.

    Find the best quality bells and chimes for your electric scooter

  • Brackets

    Sometimes you need specific extras to be able to add more accessories to our handlebars or extras with the specific function of loading bags. In this section you will find mobile supports, hooks, handlebar extensions, etc. for your electric scooter.

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