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Update your Xiaomi Pro 4 with MPR1 or MR1 Pro rear suspension now
  • Update your Xiaomi Pro 4 with MPR1 or MR1 Pro rear suspension now
  • Update your Xiaomi Pro 4 with MPR1 or MR1 Pro rear suspension now
  • Update your Xiaomi Pro 4 with MPR1 or MR1 Pro rear suspension now

Monorim MPR1 or Monorim MR1 Pro rear suspension for Xiaomi Pro 4

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Update your Xiaomi Pro 4 with MPR1 or MR1 Pro rear suspension now

This is the accessory you were waiting for, you can now update your Xiaomi Pro 4 with a rear suspension. Choose the model from the list, in the photo you will see the different suspension models with different shock absorbers so that you can install the suspension that best suits you.

model: Monorim MPR1-BR
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Monorim MPR1 basic level: the suspension is made up of a standard configuration made up of a 125mm coil shock accompanied by two springs. The extension and prolongation of the shock absorber and the type of spring determine its capacity to absorb the irregularities of the road.


- You can use the original support leg to park the electric scooter.

- The handlebar of the skate will easily reach the hitch of the fender when folding it by installing the specific bell included in the suspension box.


- The extension of the shock is low and can be greatly improved with a shock that has an extension greater than 125mm.

Basic MPR1 models with a 125mm shock

- MPR1 BR: black frame / 125mm red shock absorber.

- MPR1 BB: black frame / black 125mm shock

- MPR1 RR: red frame / red 125mm shock absorber.

- MPR1 RB: red frame / black 125mm shock absorber.


Monorim MPR1 medium level: this series of the MPR1 suspension is for users who use their vehicle a lot to drive in areas where there are usually irregularities in the road or track. The suspension consists of a 150mm extended coil shock (25mm longer than the basic version of the MPR1 monorim suspension).

Advantages of the Monorim MPR1 medium level suspension:

- You will notice a superior performance and a greater capacity on the part of the Monorim suspension when it comes to absorbing the irregularities of the road, the road or any road on which you circulate.

Medium MPR1 models with 150mm shock:

- MPR1 Beblack: black structure / 150mm Ark Black shock absorber.

- MPR1 BBR: black structure / 150mm adjustable shock absorber.

- MPR1 BeBlue: black structure / 150mm blue shock absorber.

- MPR1 BeRed: black structure / 150mm red shock absorber.

- MPR1 BeGold: black structure / 150mm gold shock absorber.

- MPR1 Redblack: red frame / 150mm Ark Black shock.

- MPR1 RedBlue: red structure / 150mm blue shock absorber.

- MPR1 RR 150mm: red frame / 150mm red shock.

- MPR1 RedGold: red structure / 150mm gold shock absorber.

Advanced MPR1 AIR and professional AIR DUAL: we are entering the advanced field when we talk about a high capacity to absorb irregularities on the track and a response time that is superior to that of the shock absorbers of the basic level and medium level versions that are spring shock absorbers. Air shock absorbers are more versatile, their elasticity and ability to absorb vibrations or mitigate direct impacts, better fulfill the function of attenuating or dispersing traffic impacts. There are two air-cushioned models: Air (1 cabin) and Air DUAL (two independent cabins, one positive and one negative). The "AIR" shock absorbers of one cabin will work with all the potential and elasticity to dissipate vibrations and impacts that air shocks have, while the "AIR DUAL" shock absorbers, having a second negative cabin, have extra elasticity and a greater recovery push towards the starting position of the shock. To explain it simply: while the positive car compresses absorbing vibrations or direct impacts, the negative car expands to the point that the same expansion exerts a recoil and push force initiated by the initial compensation between cars during the initial phase. shock absorption.


Advantages of MPR1 Air and Air DUAL suspensions:

- They are more elastic and easy to regulate.

- Its ability to dissipate vibrations is very versatile.

- Most of the impact force will be absorbed near the end of the shock's travel without bottoming out. This is much more effective in the Air DUAL shocks that consist of a second negative chamber that will compensate for the absorption that is not achieved by the first phase of the impact.

- The main objective of air shock absorbers is to provide comfort and safety while driving. On the one hand, they are capable of absorbing oscillations and compressions to make driving more comfortable and, at the same time, exert the same pressure they receive on the chassis, keeping the vehicle's loads on the wheel and thus improving tire adhesion. on the pavement. Consequently, they also increase stability in complex driving situations: sudden braking, cornering, rolling, jumping... etc.

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